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Oct 25

Memories of Hey Hey It’s Saturday

October 2021 Recently we had the very successful television special “Hey Hey It’s 50 Years” in Australia and I started thinking back to my own cherished memories of the show. Following a couple of years and 8 performances on a tonight show called the “Daryl Somers Show”, I joined Hey Hey in 1984 as an occasional standup comedian, when it moved from mornings to evenings… and I hung around right up to the end of the show in 1999. My 21 appearances on this splendid show included one as a Red Faces judge, memorable because I got the makeup people to go berserk with my makeup and the result was one of the reddest faces in the history of television. Sitting next to me on the judges bench was the always funny Red Symons and the very talented Greedy Smith (Mental As Anything) who we lost way too early. On the subject of Red Faces, I was flattered a couple of times when I was imitated by contestants, including a very accurate imitation by “Elliot Wineglass”. My standup appearances were always enjoyable, initially with zinc cream on the nose but always with a deadpan expression and often with a Gladstone […]

Aug 18

Weddings During COVID Times

Planning a wedding is challenging in normal times.

Planning a wedding during COVID times is even more challenging.

Oct 26

Positives From The Pandemic

This Corona Crisis pandemic is really tough on people BUT there are some positives coming out of this whole saga.

Dec 01

General Concerns Part 1

Sure I can make people laugh but I’ve also got some serious things to say and I’m not holding back.

Dec 01

General Concerns Part 2

Sure I can make people laugh but I’ve also got some serious things to say and I’m not holding back – part 2.

Nov 16

Elliot Goes Public…..Now And Then

While these days I am better known for my performances at corporate events, I do still enjoy my occasional public gigs. These public gigs are mainly at comedy clubs, dinner & show venues, black tie events and theatres.

Nov 11

Elliot Goblet Horror Stories.

Later this month I will reach the milestone of 35 years in the industry and I have had a great journey as a comedian for hire. However this is a good time to look back at some of my performances that didn’t go so well for one reason or another.

Oct 31

The Importance of a Professional Wedding MC

When it comes to planning a wedding reception, the role of an MC is often underestimated.

However the MC should be seen as a vital ingredient on this very important day.

In view of that, it makes very good sense to hire a professional wedding MC for the following reasons….

Oct 26

Wedding MC and Master of Ceremonies

From my experience of working at weddings or attending as a guest, I can say without hesitation that it’s vital to have a great master of ceremonies at a wedding for many reasons…

Oct 05