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Dec 01

General Concerns Part 2

Sure I can make people laugh but I’ve also got some serious things to say and I’m not holding back – part 2.

Dec 01

General Concerns Part 1

Sure I can make people laugh but I’ve also got some serious things to say and I’m not holding back.

Nov 16

Elliot Goes Public…..Now And Then

While these days I am better known for my performances at corporate events, I do still enjoy my occasional public gigs. These public gigs are mainly at comedy clubs, dinner & show venues, black tie events and theatres.

Nov 11

Elliot Goblet Horror Stories.

Later this month I will reach the milestone of 35 years in the industry and I have had a great journey as a comedian for hire. However this is a good time to look back at some of my performances that didn’t go so well for one reason or another.

Oct 31

The Importance of a Professional Wedding MC

by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet “When it comes to planning a wedding reception, the role of an MC is often underestimated. However the MC should be seen as a vital part of this very important occasion. In view of that, it makes very good sense to hire a professional wedding MC for the following reasons…. (1  They have the experience to take on this most important role. (2   They can focus totally on the job whereas  a wedding guest acting as the MC has divided attention. (3  They have a reputation to protect so will make sure that they deliver every time. (4  They will competently liaise with everyone at the Reception including the Bridal Party, Venue Function Co-ordinator, Wedding Planner and DJ/ Band. (5  They will have a strong and commanding voice which is necessary to get the attention & respect of the guests especially later in the reception when things can get a bit rowdy. (6  They will expertly control the flow of events to ensure the reception goes to plan. (7   They will effectively and seamlessly handle any awkward situations if they do arise. (8  They understand the important balance between performing  the formal duties and […]

Oct 26

Wedding MC and Master of Ceremonies

From my experience of working at weddings or attending as a guest, I can say without hesitation that it’s vital to have a great master of ceremonies at a wedding for many reasons…

Oct 05
Sep 14

Comedian For Corporate Roadshows

Amongst services I provide for my corporate clients, I do roadshows for product launches and other events, where senior management is aiming to deliver a consistent message to all their employees (or clients) across the nation. The tour often travels through Australia, with presentations in the major cities.

Aug 24
Aug 03