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Positives From The Pandemic

by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

This Corona Crisis pandemic is really tough on people BUT there are some positives coming out of this whole saga.

(1) Many of the homeless have hotel rooms right now and extra accommodation will be available to them when this is all over. Youth worker and tireless campaigner for the homeless Les Twentyman says “ Governments can do something when they want to “

(2) Mental health, suicide and domestic violence are being discussed a lot more.

(3) There is mass outrage against those in our society who are selfish, inconsiderate and lacking in integrity ranging from greedy panic buyers through to those who lie on travel declaration forms.

(4) We are more attentive to personal hygiene. About time.

(5) There is a reduced FOMO (fear of missing out) because there is a lot less happening.

(6) There is less self indulgence and that includes less people frenetically posting the meals they are eating.

(7) More proof that there are a lot of off stage funny people creating clever humour about this whole saga. On the subject of humour we are getting a much needed pause on the tsunami of mediocre new stand up comedy shows of the last 20 years.

(8) An appreciation of what we have and our liberty in normal times.

(9) The harsh lessons we are learning from putting up with inferior inexperienced low paid people in industries like security and aged care facilities.

(10) No more soldiering on at work when you are sick. A drop in flu cases.

(11) A decluttering of our lives and time to think.

(12) Less congestion on the roads and proof that some of us can work at home.

(13) Less pollution.

(14) Test of our resilience and the need to toughen up.

(15) More (hopefully) quality time with family and pets.

(16) Importance of being proactive instead of reactive. Some governments are getting it right.