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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Elliot Goblet instead of one of his competitors?

He puts in the work and always includes specific material for every event.

He is one of Australia’s most original and most loved comedians.

He is a very safe choice because he is sensitive and only uses tasteful material.

He is reliable, well organised, effective and people friendly.

He is very experienced both in an MC role and doing a comedy spot.

He has performed over 60 times on national television so is well known to most people over 35. However he appeals to adults of all ages.

He has huge integrity.

Is Elliot still very deadpan?


When he started, the very deadpan look was his trademark and it allowed him to stand out as being very different to anyone else. That point of difference was the main reason for his meteoric rise in the early 80’s.

These days his style is a lot friendlier.

Where will Elliot work?

He is prepared to travel all over Australia and sometimes overseas.

His main work is in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

On what occasions is it best not to use Elliot?

Buck’s nights and Hen’s nights, Kids parties, Loud music events.

What is Elliot’s fee?

He has kept his fees stable over the last 8 years and always gives value for money.

His fee depends on the type of event, time of year and location.

In general, his lowest fees are for Birthday Parties, then Weddings and then Corporate events.

He is always willing to discuss the event properly with a client and give a quote based on answers to key questions.

Elliot Goblet - at Home
At Home. Circa 1993.
Elliot Goblet Comedian - Sight Seeing
Taking time off for some naval gazing.