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Paul Wheelton AM

Elliot is a true professional who can modify his performance to suit any audience. Great for any corporate event where he has a real calling.

Danielle Kent

A five star professional. Elliot was hilarious and non-offensive which was is important at a wedding! He made the whole process easy, straight forward and gave a quality performance without any problems. It was one of the best decisions we made choosing Elliot Goblet to be our MC. Our guests loved him. I totally recommend him as an MC. Thanks for making the night exceptional!

Lawrence Money

Love Elliott’s deadpan humour. Original material, delivered flawlessly. One of the best stand-ups in Australia.

Catherine Cudmore

It has been my privilege to see Elliot Goblet perform at several functions. Jack (as Elliot) is the consummate professional who does meticulous research so that his MC duties are tailor made for any event. Unique style, brilliantly delivered. Hilarious and original, a living legend of the comedy scene.

Anna Smith

Both my husband and I have seen many of Elliot Goblet’s performances and he’s always funny and innovative. Our wedding day could not have been more perfect with him as the MC. He met with us, did his research and included tasteful special material about us and our family. He was incredible and so spot on funny!

Neil Hopley

I have seen Elliot Goblet perform a number of times and love his clever and unique humour. Elliot creates his own scripts without the need to use profanity to engage the audience in side-splitting laughter. I have also seen Elliot as a corporate Master of Ceremonies where he personalises his hilarious lines to include particular members of the audience, with their permission. I know a number of companies have Elliot conduct annual events which is a testimony to his great ability as an entertainer. My short theme for Elliot’s performance would be “clever, engaging and exceptionally funny”. Neil Hopley

Deborah Friedrich

Elliot Goblet is one of my favourite comedians and MCs. I had the pleasure of experiencing him both at several live performances and a wedding. He is one of the most unique, cleanest and funniest legendary comedians in Australia. His one liners and story telling with a twist of oddity will make you belly laugh. What I was impressed by, was the amount of preparation and background work he must have done as MC for the wedding. His material was insightful of the couple/family, and he was able to weave comedy into the formalities of being an MC. I highly recommend Elliot Goblet for your next wedding or big occasion.

Craig Newton

Our Wedding Day on Sydney Harbour was perfect. Lifetime memories were created for all of our guests & us. Elliot Goblet is a major reason why our day was so incredible. Elliot’s MC skills & humour are second to none. His contribution was tailor made specifically for my wife & I. His humour appeals to people of all ages & from various backgrounds. If you want your wedding day to be remembered long after the day is over & you want the best MC in the business, you need to book Elliot.

Bruce Renowden

I have been a great fan of Elliot Goblet for years. His brand of humour is unique and very clever and never fails to bring a big laugh from me and any audience I’ve been a part of. On one occasion I had the pleasure of Elliot performing at a corporate function. Much of his material was tailored for that company, with clearly inside knowledge of that company itself. The result was outstanding and hugely enjoyed by those that engaged him; very witty but always in good taste. It also showed he puts a lot of time into preparation for such events thereby, making it a very special event for each customer. Best wishes Elliot – love your stuff!Bruce Renowden

Robert Woodgate

I have known Elliott Goblet for 25 years our paths cross at many industry events where he is the Emcee or keynote speaker. Elliott Goblet is a TV celebrity created to meet the Australian sense of ridiculous. The reason he is so sought after is because Jack writes a script specifically for Elliott to perform at each of his corporate gigs that includes the staff the owners and their unique secrets that they find hilarious and memorable when a TV celebrity includes them in the performance!

Funky Star

We grew up watching Jack/Elliot Goblet on tv and were so excited to learn he now offers wedding MC as a service. Of course we had to book him as he fitted in perfectly with our fun not so serious second time around wedding at Luna Park. Jack was awesome , he met up with us beforehand and grilled our friends to deliver a bespoke approach to entertaining and running our somewhat chaotic night. Jack delivered his trademark humour which was appreciated by our guests and added so many personal touches (no not that kind ) that our friends still speak about him a year later. Don’t do boring run of the mill traditional MC’s for your wedding , have Jack take the reins and he will make sure that your wedding , birthday and any other event is memorable and your guests will leave with sore ribs from laughing. We love you Jack thanks for making our night amazing 🙂 Helen & Brad Thiele


Elliot Goblet is no Vanilla flavored Entertainer, Comedian, Corporate highlight and Wedding MC. He tailors your needs and involves your people to personalised your event. Elliot has a good mate Jack Levi, who you may have to deal with in the process of securing his services. Treat him purely as the ‘middle man’ and don’t take no for an answer as Elliot would certainly enjoy your ‘Company’. Be it Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Parliament House in Canberra or the Committee Room at Caulfield Racecourse, Elliot has travelled the country to be the star attraction at events I arranged for the largest Multi National Food Manufacturer in the World, where he performed cumulatively, to over 1,000 guests. He over achieved on each occasion and is still today one of the most sought after professionals in the business and I endorse him highly. Andrew Castle Managing DIrector Three Points Executive Search

Ken Mullins

Elliot Goblet was a childhood legend of mine through his Hey Hey it’s Saturday appearances. His unique dead pan style of comedy was “out of the box”. Rib tickling lines that were refreshingly unpredictable. We had the pleasure of Elliott (Jack Levi) at our corporate fundraiser. It was a high end event at a spectacular venue that required a celebrity of equal quality, that could engage with our guests, the wait staff! (“How sour is that sour dough?”). We required a household name and nationally recognised celebrity to attract our age group of invitees. The event was a roaring success, with Jack being an important piece of this occasion. The icing on the cake you would have to say. We would recommend Elliott Goblet for any event requiring professionalism, an intellectual flavour of humour, quirkiness. An MC of distinction honed over many years of perfecting his talent. If he was an Uber driver I would give him five stars (and compliment: entertaining partner ?).

Jeanette Leigh

Elliot Goblet is a legend of Australian comedy, and still, after more than 30 years, he is as funny as ever. If I was ever to marry again I would certainly have this hilarious and intelligent comic MC the event.

Jono Boon

I had Elliot Goblet at our wedding as the MC. He was so creative and really impressive. He studied everything before hand, and really got the crowd involved. Thanks Elliot, i highly recommend him.