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Elliot Goes Public…..Now And Then

While these days I am better known for my performances at corporate events, I do still enjoy my occasional public gigs. These public gigs are mainly at comedy clubs, dinner & show venues, black tie events and theatres.

Sometimes I do a comedy spot and sometimes I am the MC. My public gigs also include many fundraisers and support spots for overseas performers like singer Paul Anka in 2014.

I don’t perform at Comedy Festivals very often because my act doesn’t lend itself to a fresh 50/60 minute act every year. Speaking of Festivals, it was a real buzz for me to do the Montreal Comedy Festival in 1989 on the tail end of an 8 week US tour.

When I am hired as a Corporate Entertainer (or say as an MC at a wedding) I always include special material for the event. For public performance, I will write special lines if I am performing in smaller parts of Australia where there are shared frustrations that I can tastefully joke about.

A good sample of my public show will be available soon on my new CD “goblet’s greatest bits” due for release on April 17, 2015.

The CD will contain a multitude of my totally unrelated one-liners plus a couple of songs for your listening pleasure. Elliot Goblet’s cover version of the Easybeats hit song Friday On My Mind is certainly different. All in all the new Goblet CD should provide lots of laughs but to fully appreciate the content be prepared to change gears mentally.

Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

Corporate Entertainer, Wedding Entertainer and Performer at Public Events…now and then.