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General Concerns Part 2

by Jack Levi aka Elliot Goblet

Sure I can make people laugh but I’ve also got some serious things to say and I’m not holding back.

It concerns me that politicians in the major parties have to go with the party line and be so measured about what they say.
It’s a good thing we’ve got cross benchers who can speak their mind.

It concerns me that massacres always have meaningless conversation to follow. No talk of bollards, gun control, sympathising,
condemning, prayers or standing side by side will help to prevent one more of the same.
What will reduce the frequency of the same is media suppression of the name & image of the perpetrator.
Copy cats of these vile acts unfortunately see the media as an ally in turning them from being unnoticed to being
noticed…and that’s what they need.

It concerns me that things are changing too fast and that there is pressure to keep up with that change.
I resist by still carrying a notebook and paper diary.

It concerns me that people blatantly abuse their bodies when younger with drugs, excessive alcohol and excessive non exercise
and later in life have their loved ones nurse them or miss them when they are gone way to early.

It concerns me that there is a huge lack of good male role models and that’s one major reason
for domestic violence, harassment and child abuse…mostly unreported.

It concerns me that adults in positions of authority are sometimes liars and cheats
and so no good example to kids who crave for a good example.

It concerns me that people are losing the ability to communicate properly because of too much time on their screens.
This is one of the major reasons for our widespread low self esteem.

It concerns me that there is a rapid decline in manners and gratitude.

It concerns me that we still have not got one TV variety show in this country of 24.5 million. A personal gripe.

It concerns me that there is growing divide between lots of sectors in our community including motorists & cyclists, the religious & non religious
and also between men & aware thinking women.

It concerns me that some people are becoming so mentally lazy and need reminders for everything.

It concerns me that mental health is such a big problem in this country, and also that we don’t have enough real doers like Father Bob Maguire and Les Twentyman
to make a significant difference.

It concerns that we have to put up with scammers, inferior call centre staff, congested cities & roads, poor building materials and much more to make us angry.