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Elliot Goblet Putting In The Extra Effort For A Corporate Event

I often get asked about what I provide for a corporate/business audience and how I go about preparing for a performance in front of such an audience.

Firstly I need to state that it would be so easy for me to perform at an event and just bring out the same material over & over again.

However the extra effort that I put in to write some special material every time is well appreciated by my audience every time… as expressed in the many testimonials on this website.

I write special material at three levels…industry, organisation and people. This material always aims to make a comment but not be hurtful.

If geographically possible I will meet a client for a period of around 90 minutes to do my probing and ask all about the issues that are relevant to the audience with a special emphasis on the shared frustrations. If it’s not geographically possible for us to meet I will organise a telephone call or calls to get the information that I need.

Having worked in a corporate environment for 13 years I do understand the culture and that certainly helps during my research discussions.

It is a basic need for audience members to have a laugh especially during a day of educational talks but also at a dinner which might follow such a day. While I always aim to make them laugh I also deliver benefits through my special material and the major benefits are that I facilitate organisation changes, reduce areas of conflict and improve motivation.

My track record includes nearly 1500 corporate/business events either in an MC role or doing a comedy spot usually at a product launch, during a busy day of conferencing or at a social event.

And after nearly 34 years in the industry I still enjoy both the preparation and the performing.