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Goblet’s World of Weddings

Having recently achieved the milestone of entertaining at 100 weddings mainly as the wedding MC, I thought I’d share the inner story on Goblet’s world of weddings.

Most of my weddings work comes to me via on line enquiry and general word of mouth… also from referral by venues, celebrants and others in the Weddings industry. And I’ve done weddings for 50 guests through to 300 guests.

Generally two categories of couples hire my services…

  1. those in their late twenties upwards who know my work from my long exposure on national television through the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.
  2. and younger couples who may have been introduced to Elliot Goblet by their parents and/or viewing my work on Youtube.

Whenever I do a corporate or private event I always include special material about the bride and groom. My research is done either in person or over the phone and it aims to find out all about the couple especially their passions, hates, weaknesses and anything else that might make them different. And when it comes to writing the material I aim to always make it tasteful.

At the reception, as the wedding MC, my obvious job is to perform the formal parts such as introducing the bridal party, the cutting of the cake, speeches etc. My jokes about the bride & groom generally happen at the start of the speeches and then I come back in between each speech with a tasteful and hopefully funny comment about the speech just heard. A big part of my job is to ensure that the audience is kept entertained at all times. Also if requested I will perform a general comedy spot.

Importantly I will also stay for the duration of the reception and will happily mix the guests in between my times behind the microphone. I am people friendly. However I won’t dance at wedding receptions so that I can retain a sweat free body until my work is done.

As the wedding MC or the wedding entertainer just doing a spot, I’ve worked for couples from a wide range of cultures and worked at a wide range of venues. While I enjoy being at weddings in big hotels I particularly like working at venues with a view of the water or at venues in the country especially wineries where the local wine can be very good.

I always enjoy the happy occasions that are weddings and hope to do lots more as I move into my second century.

‘With Elliot Goblet as our MC we were absolutely blown away by his ability to keep our guests in hysterical laughter throughout the night. The audience really enjoyed the jokes he told about us and many people said it was the best wedding they have ever attended.’ Gavin and Yasmine “