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Sep 14

Comedian For Corporate Roadshows

Amongst services I provide for my corporate clients, I do roadshows for product launches and other events, where senior management is aiming to deliver a consistent message to all their employees (or clients) across the nation. The tour often travels through Australia, with presentations in the major cities.

Aug 24
Aug 03
Jul 13

Goblet’s World of Weddings

Having recently achieved the milestone of entertaining at 100 weddings mainly as the wedding MC, I thought I’d share the inner story on Goblet’s world of weddings.

Jun 22

Elliot Goblet Wedding MC

As Elliot Goblet I’ve done over 100 weddings mostly as a wedding master of ceremonies so happily in this area I’m now on the way to my second century.

Jun 01

Elliot Goblet Works Wide And Far

With my job as a comedian, corporate entertainer and master of ceremonies there is plenty of travel involved because not once has a client of mine agreed to bring their event to my place.

Mar 30

The Power of Humour in Advertising

Through being a Comedian, Corporate Entertainer & Wedding MC who performs in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and all over, I talk to a variety of people far and wide. Sometimes the conversation is about the power of great humour and what it can potentially achieve. In my considered opinion not only does great humour get laughs but is also memorable, has emotional impact, creates discussion/sharing and gives terrific results where needed.

Mar 08

Breaking Up The Serious Business

It is an absolute fact that everyone loves to laugh, and laughs are particularly needed when there’s something serious going on. With my vast experience of working at meetings, conferences, product launches or awards events etc, I hear this all the time. Having a laugh is like internal jogging…and that can’t be a bad thing.

Mar 08

Producing Shows

Apart from performing, for a while I took on the very different role of show producer and here is my story.
It was a Friday afternoon in February 2009 and we had our annual Comedians lunch in Melbourne attended by the usual around 25 funny people.
At these lunches I normally speak for around 5 minutes and on this occasion I mentioned that I lamented the loss of our wonderful Melbourne cabaret/variety scene of the 70’s & early 80’s. The other comedians hotly agreed…